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Why is Netgear WiFi Router Firmware Not Getting Updated?

by susan23

Is your Netgear WiFi router not getting updated? The reasons behind this might be endless. The biggest one could be that you tried to access the router with the aid of the incorrect IP address. Perhaps, the correct one was but rather than using it, you tried to access or and this is exactly where you messed up.

But, anyhow, investing your time in figuring out the ways through which this issue can be resolved is a better option to consider. To help you out with the same, some techniques have been discussed in detail as you read further. Get some help and wrap up this issue once and for all.

How to Make Sure Netgear Router Firmware Updates?

As mentioned above, the topmost reason why Netgear WiFi router firmware is not getting updated is because the wrong IP address has been used. In this case, you should use the right IP address and then access the web user interface. See if you get luck. In case you do not, then you may go through these techniques to fix the issue in debate:

  1. Download the Right File

Check whether the file which you have downloaded is correct or not. In case it is not, then you just found another reason why Netgear router firmware is not getting updated. In this scenario, you need to ensure that the right version is downloaded.

This means that whenever you are asked to enter the model number, you should input the correct one. Only the right source should be referred to for this. If you want our suggestion, you should refer to the model given in the user manual.

Every device comes with a product manual. Your router would have come with one too. Once you have implemented this troubleshooting tip, check whether the Netgear router firmware is not getting updated issue has left you for good.

  1. Follow the Correct Steps

Given this troubleshooting technique is being read by you, it means that you are still facing the Netgear router firmware is not getting updated issue. It could be because you read and implemented the wrong instructions.

In this case, you should update the firmware of your networking device again. The same can be implemented if you go through the steps given on the official website of Netgear. For your information, there is not just a single way to carry out the process.

The 1st method will compel you to go to the user interface and the second method will lead you to download the Nighthawk application. In case this technique fails to bear fruit for you too, then you last option is to reset the device.

Try the Ultimate Solution! Reset the Netgear Router!

We never wanted it to get down to this, but now that you have, you are left with no other option than to reset the device to fix the firmware is not getting updated issue. To reset the device, you should first grab the first pointy object you see and press the reset button.

You will see that the button is not a regular mounted button, instead it is in a hole. Once you have reset your networking device, given it enough time to reboot. Then, set it up using the WiFi-Protect Setup method or the web browser method.

The Bottom Line

This ends the troubleshooting guide consisting of tips to fix the Netgear router firmware is not getting updated issue. Now that you have successfully fixed the issue at hand, update the firmware in the blink of an eye and gain access to an updated performance of your networking device. Plus your device will have access to the topmost features.

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