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Why Pelle Pelle Jackets Are So Famous Among Hip-hop Artists

by postvines7
Why Pelle Pelle Jackets Are So Famous Among Hip-hop Artists

What is Pelle Pelle, and why is the name so popular among generation Y?

Many of you might be looking for the answer to the above question. Luckily, you’ll get the missing piece of your puzzle while scrolling your thumb over this page.

Pelle Pelle came into existence in 1978. The renowned urban fashion brand, designed by Marc Buchanan, emerged as a leather outwear company. Since every company has a Unique Selling Point (USP), Marc Buchanan’s designer brand was known for its super-colored leather jackets. The artist’s ability to play with the colors became the USP of the business.

Now let’s put the light on why Pelle Pelle jackets are so famous among Hip Hop artists. Well, there are a few factors that will help you understand why the charisma of this brand is alive today.

Art and colors:

Music culture is all about vibrant colors and unique fashion styles. When we talk about rap and hip-hop music, the only things that come to mind are flashy pants and fluorescent jackets.

Countless textile businesses support hip-hop artists with their designed outfits, a perfect way of creating brand awareness it is. But, pelle pelle, despite the countless businesses, left its mark on the generation. The outfits that Marc’s company used to sponsor the musicians were so artistic that ruled the minds of everyone. This is one of the main reasons why this designer outwear company is still valued.

Aesthetic designs:

The aesthetics of the apparels banged the drum for the popularity of hip-hop culture. The brand innovatively used aesthetics in its leather jackets. The designs they used to craft from the beads and the artwork of threads are something that made the leather jacket remarkable in the early 80s.

Huge glossy letters and different patches not just made the outwear catch one’s eye but also gained the preferences of many musicians. The uppers are perfect for people who want to stand out.

A new look:

Combining the look of streetwear and biker jackets, Pelle Pelle secured a unique position in the market textile. Since the company makes its upper with leather, durability along with a luxurious feeling is guaranteed.

Considering the nature of concerts, the designer fabricated the piece of clothing using a breathable material. The durable and breathable material enables the artist to stay comfortable and at ease while performing the show.


A comeback of anyone in the industry signifies the long-worth-wait of his/her audience. Similarly, the urban fashion company has left a lasting legacy in the field of fashion, which is why there are many people still longing for Buchanan’s brand to make a comeback.

Well, there are many brands making similar jackets as Marc’s company. This gives the surety that you will be seeing a lot of people, keeping Pelle Pelle alive in the near future.

As we have discussed why the urban business was famous, by now, you must be convinced of the reason for its popularity. And since you are here, it can be assumed that you now have the answer to your question that why hip-hop artists prefer Pelle Pelle.

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