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Women’s Heels: How Do You Carefully Select a Pair?

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Women’s Heels: How Do You Carefully Select a Pair?

Heels are the most popular type of footwear preferred by modern women. Different kinds of heels range in size, quality, and foot coverage. And there are many online and offline stores where one can shop for women’s heels.

Online Shopping

Many websites sell a wide variety of heels. The pictures of the heels being sold, the size, manufacturer name, and product description are displayed on the website. Besides, these websites offer different offers and discounts. So, while online shopping has many advantages, such as saving time and effort, it might be difficult for a beginner to choose the type of heel that suits them best. Even so, many websites provide the facility of return or exchange within a week, but the terms and conditions have to be read clearly before making a purchase.

Offline Shopping

This is the conventional method of shopping where one can try out different types of heels by wearing and walking in them, giving an idea about the heel’s comfort. And while it might be a time-consuming process, it’s best recommended for first-time users. The storekeepers provide the best opinions and advice when one has to shop for women’s heels.

Types of Heels


They are the most popular type of heels among young women, making them look bold and sexy. They are point heels and range from 1cm to 10cm, and they are preferred by fashion-forward women who are comfortable wearing them daily. A few women also wear them to parties and other social occasions. Stilettos provide a simple yet classy look to every outfit and are best suited for women who do not like extravagant heels.

Block Heels

Block heels are broad and not as long as point heels. They are best suited for beginners as they are more comfortable and flexible. Many women prefer wearing block heels instead of point heels to a club as dancing in the former is more comfortable. They are also the best heels to start with as they go along with almost any outfit. Besides, they can be worn with jeans, dresses, or formal skirts.


These types of heels cover the entire lower back of a foot, and they do not put pressure on one particular area of the fee. Hence, these are the most comfortable type of heels and are widely preferred by older women. They are an excellent, fashionable alternative for middle-aged and older women as opposed to simple flats. They make them look and feel younger, and they match very well with shorts and maxi dresses.


Pumps are those types of heels with a platform under the shoe. The front lining is added to reduce the pressure on the back part of the foot. As such, they make a person look taller and also provide comfort as opposed to point or block heels. Many models wear pumps while walking on a ramp during fashion shows or brand promotions. Besides, the chances of falling or slipping with pumps are minimised due to the extra layer at the front of the foot.

Cone Heel

With the recent change in fashion, the concept of point and block heels have merged, which led to the introduction of cone heels in the footwear market. As the name suggests, it is broader near the front and narrows at the end. As such, it reduces the pressure on the foot as it is pretty wide and provides a stylish look of the pointed heel, and thus, it has dual advantages. They come in various colours, and some are even transparent, and they range in different heights and materials.

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