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5 Reasons Why Audio Acts As The Backbone Of Any Animation Film

by ellysadunst23
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We often take a trip down the memory lane, reminiscing those old days when we watched kids disappear into a dragon world or a clown fish on a quest to find its son. Those were the days, don’t you think? We were all kids with wild imaginations, all thanks to those everlasting memories these beautifully curated shows and movies have given us with Animation Film. 

Their super catchy theme songs were so iconic in these shows and films, From the “whole new world” on a carpet ride with Aladdin to “Timon and Pumba’s iconic theme song.” Everything was so catchy and groovy that it made those iconic animations what they are today.

So when it comes to Audio or sound design, it creates the story’s mood. It conveys the theme and elevates our story experience. So, as you would have noticed, professional multi language dubbing is strongly emerging as one of the main ingredients towards success of an animation film.

Now imagine Tom and Jerry fighting with hammers without any sound effects of the hammer thumping or Jerry planting a bomb behind Tom, but there is no sound when it blasts. It will be kind of disappointing, don’t you think? There will be no element of surprise, and it will not evoke any emotion in you. This is precisely why Audio acts as the backbone of any animation film or series.

  1. It evokes emotions 

Like the example above, Sound conjures reactions and piques viewers’ interest. It brings out the emotion of terror and mystery and sometimes even cues laughter. This may make you understand the benefits of learning classical music with emotional vibes.

  1. It directs you to what’s on the screen. 

Scooby dooby doo! Who can forget this awe-inspiring cowardly dog who has unmasked so many fake ghosts along with his teammates? The soundtrack in that animation’s episodes and films was a great example of capturing the audience’s attention, from the character’s conversations to the ghost’s creepy laughter. 

  1. Full immersive experience

If you’re making an animation film for kids, you do not want it to be boring. You want them to enjoy, sing along to the songs, be wowed, and get fully immersed in that world that they think that they’re meeting a green ogre who lives in a swamp and calls himself Shrek.

  1. Audio maintains the screen continuity. 

Audios help push the film forward; it acts as a bridge between two scenes so the story is continuous and the audience doesn’t lose interest. In addition, it allows the audience to take the feel of that place; for example, whenever any character drops to the ground after hitting something, and the screen goes black, it creates a bridge for the audience, so even if you see the black mesh you would know what happened due to the “Thudd” sound it made after the character fell you know the character is knocked out. You are in sync with the story.

  1. The dialogues add the meaning. 

Dialogues make the film bloom. Do you remember the Fairy godmother’s “Biddidi-bobbidi-boo” in Cinderella? And how she swung her wand and made the pumpkin a chariot? Well, that was a huge sensation amongst the kids. The dialogue is what makes the audience sit throughout the film. Read More: apkmody

Now, imagine a film with bad audio quality. Would you sit throughout the film?

Obviously not. However great the film is, audio acts as its critical driving force, be it in the way of expression through words, music, or sound effects. You need Audio to create a good film. Learn more about apk

Animatic masterpieces have driven your, mine, and everyone’s childhood to a world beyond reality and a world with endless possibilities. It has shaped our minds to draw creativity everywhere we go. Audios have played a significant role in keeping it all together and making it better for all of us and our upcoming generations.  Voyzapp – the largest media marketplace in India hosts thousands of media stakeholders including actors, voice artists, models, animators, singers, musicians and others. Logon now and get your project started instantly!

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